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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Barb Perry

"Whenever I speak of Barb Perry I speak of two overriding characteristics of her nature.  First off, that Barb is above all generous.  Her generosity is most shown in the time she spends with her buying and selling clients but also in the time she gives to her fellow Perry & Co. Realtors.  Barb is the most approachable celebrated professional I know. The second characteristic I always mention is that Barb treats her profession of real estate like a skillset - a skillset that requires constant growth and refinement.  She literally works on her real estate skillset every single day.  I know this first hand because I see her in the office every day laboring over the tiniest details.  Not only is Barb Perry & Co.’s Top Producer but through these two characteristics Barb elevates the rest of us day-in and day-out. (Oh yes, Barb is humble too.  She will be embarrassed to find that I posted all this about her.)" 

Claire Averill

“Claire has been a stand out Realtor at Perry & Co. since joining our company. Claire's service to her clients and her community are as exemplary as are her daily ethics. In today's Denver Metro real estate climate where many seasoned professionals are struggling to get their client’s offers accepted, Claire quietly excels at helping her clients buy (or sell) the home of their dreams in the neighborhood of their dreams. Claire has a real joie de vivre and that shines through in everything that she does.”

Dave Browning

“Year-in and year-out Dave Browning impresses me with his ability to help more people buy and sell real estate than any other company Realtor.  In fact, Dave has taken home the Perry & Co. Award for Most Transaction Sides for the past seven consecutive years.  Throughout it all, Dave makes himself available to help all the other company Realtors succeed as well.  Whenever I have met one of Dave’s clients one-on-one, I always hear rave reviews about how Dave has treated them.  That standard of customer service reflects well on us all at Perry & Co.”

Tara McShane

“Tara is amazing.  From day one at Perry & Co. Tara has proven herself foremost to be a team player.  She works tirelessly to make sure that the transactions she has a hand in go smoothly.  In fact, I hear praise for her from our company agents on almost a daily basis.  Although some days in real estate are taxing I have never seen Tara without a smile on her face.  Perry & Co. is lucky to have Tara on our team and the people she helps are equally blessed.”

Pam Parker

"I have had the pleasure of working with Pam for the past 10+ years on 5 different properties in the Denver metro area. She is diligent, professional and worked hard on each transaction to assure that it went well. All questions were answered and I knew she had my best interests at heart.

  • Cherry Hills Village- sold at highest price per square foot in the neighborhood in a rapidly down-turning market. Smart marketing!
  • Georgetown, CO- handled my side of the transaction with an out of country seller. She researched the cyclical mountain real estate market and the less than practiced title company and other realtor. I felt I paid a fair price and potential mistakes in paperwork were averted.
  • Cherry Creek North- she helped us find the ideal home to accommodate a special physical need. Negotiated hard in a difficult market. Pam sold the same home several years later in a buyers market, setting the price based after much careful research. The sale was part of a divorce and she gracefully handled the emotional turmoil involved.
  • Golden-in a tight market, found a mid-price home for purchase for my son and his college room mates to rent from me. Golden is an unusual market with high demand, limited supply and limited lodging for students at CSM. Pam knocked on doors and never gave up when I was about to.
  • Uptown Denver-found me the perfect downsizing condo! She understood what I wanted and exposed me to different parts of Denver that I had never considered. I ended in an area that I love- not one of the ones I planned on. That is a Realtor that knows her client.

I would and have recommended Pam to friends and colleagues.  I don’t know anyone who would have worked harder for me." 

Katie Thomas

"Katie Thomas is an outstanding professional Realtor. I was a licensed realtor during the 1980's and the market was difficult to say the least. My endorsement is supported by my past experience and the knowledge gained from buying and selling fourteen personal residences during my lifetime.. Katies knowledge of the market and the associated processes affiliated with buying one home and finding and purchasing another was crucial and she met the challenge. She coached us on all relevant procedural requirements as well as through the listing process, explaining how to follow her research for a new residence via our personal computer and at the same time prepare our listed residence for marketing and showing. She also provided us with an excellent loan officer who was highly competent in securing financial resources, should we need one. Katie covered all the aspects of selling and buying and our situation was a special challenge because the prospective buyer had a condo to sell in order to buy our home. Katie assisted the buyer and literally managed the timing to perfection. She stayed in touch with us and kept asking for suggestions and clarification of issues. She kept us up to date on schedules for showings and upcoming procedures for closing the sale. I am so grateful to have had Katie to manage and guide us through this entire selling and buying process."

Eleni Cummings

"I just want to give a HUGE shout out to Eleni. I am putting her through the ringer. We’ve put 5 properties U/C in the last couple of days. She has a great attitude and is extremely competent and efficient. Also, I was at a closing on Monday where the title company closer pulled me aside to tell me how great Eleni is."

Tammy Bender

"I just wanted to thank you for all of your help this weekend. Josh and Melissa are very impressed with your knowledge and professionalism as I am. I really appreciate you taking such good care of them."

Christine Trigg

“We met Ms. Christine Trigg at the open house of a home we ended up buying.   We were fortunate to make our home purchase through her.  Not only did she meet our expectations; she went much, much beyond what other realtors may do in similar circumstances.  We have been impressed by her professional skills, ethical values, and unwavering commitment to service excellence.  You will definitely find her one of the best in the trade.     “Thanks to her skillful negotiations, we bought the house at a reasonable price.  She was superb at listening to our concerns.  She was also good in sharing with us the concerns and interests of the seller(s) so that we also take into account as many of the factors as possible.  We were never under pressure to make an offer.  When we did make an offer, it was based on valuable info she brought to the table and shared with us.  Also critical in the evaluation process was her knowledge of the market, the neighborhood, and the contacts she had access to.  “To be sure, we too brought our own set of info to the table; but we found out (on several occasions) that she had just about the same information and more.  That was true with home prices, bank interest rates, even refrigerator prices (of late).  We found her insight valuable; we have turned to her for advice on problems which were not resolved by the closing.   The latest had to do with a refrigerator that was supposedly fixed, but ended up leaking and spoiling all the food in it.  We were told by the manufacturer’s rep that the extended service warranty was of no value.  But thanks to her timely intervention, we were visited by a technician who declared the appliance dead.   Christine helped us find a replacement for it.  How many realtors are likely to help you resolve a problem a month or so after the closing was done?  We say not too many!  “In our eyes, negotiating or even showing the willingness to negotiate on behalf of customers long after the deal was done requires unwavering commitment to excellence in service, high ethical standards, and admirable understanding about the need for follow-up with customers.   We could not thank her enough for her superb service as a realtor.   We are confident that she will do the same for all her clients.  We strongly recommend Ms. Christine Trigg’s services in both buying and selling real estate.”

Tammy Bender

“Tammy, Debbie and I would like to thank you for all tour help with our home purchase.  You have helped us solve a few issues, that quite frankly, we would have never thought of, or known how to handle. We appreciate your guidance through the contract signing of the initial condo at Tresana, followed by the cancellation of that contract, and subsequent contract signing with KB homes at Meridian Village. Your input during the process of construction additions, and design studio selections, has been beneficial as to what will have future marketability, and resale.  Those are absolutely things we wouldn’t have considered when choosing construction and interior design additions. Debbie and I, very much look forward to completing the final steps of this purchase, concluding with closing this coming spring, and it couldn’t have gone smoother without you being a part of it.”

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