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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Adisson Adair

"Adisson Adair went above and beyond for me during this process of buying my new home I'm very grateful for her."

Cindy Webb

"Cindy Webb did an incredible job in creating an open honest relationship with me and the buyer. She was. I was 8 months pregnant and Cindy was diligent about closing prior to my baby's birth and supporting me during that transitional time. I highly recommend Cindy and will use her again in my future transactions."

Victoria Gartelos

"My wife and I had given up on trying to find and new home in the Denver metro area due 2 the insane bidding wars that usually occur before a bid is even accepted. However, upon meeting Victoria she informed me she really tries not to allow things (bidding wars) to get out of control. She fulfilled her promise 100%! Our bid was accepted within 24 hours, with no bidding wars occurring. She went over all the paperwork thoroughly with us in a way we could understand and feel secure/comfortable with making such a big decision. We love our new home and will be using Victoria to sell our previous residence. Thanks again Perry and Co for making the purchase of our new home so easy and efficient."

John Keene

"John Keene was my buying agent. He listened to my needs and to my comments as we walked through properties. He was able to sum up each property and also told me things I needed to know before choosing a property to bid on. He also had my back during the bidding, counter bidding procedures, and all the way through the buying process. If I had a question, he had an answer to me within an hour. He also gave me recommendations for contractors for the work I wanted to do. Even after the closing, John has kept in touch to see how the move went, and if I was happy with the contractors he recommended."

Gina Cornelison

"Gina Cornelson is a great person to have in your corner when you are selling a property. She is very good at swimming with all of the sharks who want to force the seller to move more quickly than they should for their own good. Her guidance and advice made it possible for us to get our asking price for our home and held the buyer's feet to the fire to adhere to our selling conditions. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Fair warning: don't expect her to come sit and hold your hands just to make you feel comfortable...she is too busy working on your behalf for that sort of thing. That said, she is a warm and sincere person who works hard, stays current with trends, and will tell you the unvarnished truth that will help you to make decisions. A true professional and genuinely good human being...her ethics and morals are all in the right a seller, you can trust her motives and judgement completely. This is vital in a volatile sellers market where the buyers are looking for any possible chink in the armor that can impact profit. We were honored to have worked with her."

Kim Hutchins

"Kim Hutchins is an expert when it comes to everything real estate! She made my experience with selling and buying a home a breeze and is super fun to work with. Knowledgeable, patient, understanding, and completely thorough in every step of the process. I will only recommend Kim to my family, friends and clients as she is top of the line at every benchmark."

Barb Perry

"Barb Perry was great to work with. We have been in touch with her for two years before we actually put the house on the market. She was always helpful with questions and references for us. When we put the home on the market we had a a good discussion and she has a great knowledge of the market. She was always available to answer questions. I would recommend Barb Perry to anyone."

Claire Averill

"Claire was fantastic to work with. Very knowledgeable and patient."

John Keene

"John was such a great help in selling our home. We felt extremely fortunate to have John Keene as our agent. He went above and beyond to ensure we understood the process and we felt that he always had our best interest in mind. John is very knowledgeable about the home market in our area and has established resourceful contacts that helped along the way when we had questions or needed to get things fixed before selling. We would recommend John to everyone, actually we had numerous friends selling their homes the same time as we were and we felt sad for all our friends that didn't have John as their Realtor. We purchased a home in another state, and the process was not smooth, we constantly wished John was there to assist. It added to our realization of how great John really was."

Beth Larrance

"Beth was a wonderful help in selling our home and buying our new home. She had great ideas about pricing the house and getting it ready to sell, and it sold in 6 days! She works very hard for her clients and we really appreciate how much she helped us in both selling and buying our homes. We highly recommend her!"

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