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On February 25th, 1995, the last plane in the Stapleton airports sixty-six year history departed and all airport operations were shifted fifteen miles east to the brand new Denver International Airport (DIA).  Over the next seven years the airport was decommissioned, runways, terminals and concourses were removed, and a plan was put in place for a new urban redevelopment on its 4700 acres.

It has been more than a decade since the first homeowners moved to Stapleton, and over 4000 residences have been built, and more than 14,000 residents now call Stapleton home.  Stapleton has nationally recognized parks, open spaces, and bike transit and walking paths, in addition to more than a half dozen schools and a vibrant retail market.  There is an active re-sale market and both local and national builders continue their construction projects.

Written by Corcoran Perry & Co. Realtor Thorn Luth