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Perry & Co. Earth Day Paint Recycling Event

Earth Day Paint Recycling Event

Event Details

Saturday, August 22nd

10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Perry & Co, Landmark/DTC Office

Address: 5375 Landmark Place, Greenwood Village 80111.


Sunday, August 23

10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Perry & Co. Cherry Creek Headquarters

Address: 101 S. Madison Street, Denver, CO 80209


*This is a ‘no-contact’ event that adheres to Covid-19 safety regulations*


On August 22nd and 23rd, Perry & Co. Realtors is celebrating Earth Day by hosting our 9th annual event! Our 2020 Earth Day Event is Paint Recycling. Did you know that throwing away paint fills the environment with harmful chemicals? This can be avoided by donating your unwanted paints and preventing them from ending up in landfills. GreenSheen is teaming up with Perry & Co. again to collect all of your donated paint and recycle it into new usable paint. All water based paints, water based stains, latex, and acrylic paints will be accepted. While we are celebrating Earth Day a little later than usual this year, we are still dedicated to helping our clients dispose of their unused paint in a safe and environmentally friendly way! Please note that the event will be held at our Landmark location on Saturday and at our Cherry Creek location on Sunday. 


In order to keep everyone involved in Paint Recycling safe from COVID-19, Perry & Co. and GreenSheen will adhere to the following best practices:

•         All employees and volunteers working at the event will bring and wear cloth masks/face coverings. 

•         All employees and volunteers handling paint will bring and wear gloves. 

•         If cloth masks/face coverings are temporarily removed for water or snack breaks, social distancing will be maintained. 

•         When not removing paint from vehicles, we encourage all employees and volunteers to maintain social distancing even though masks are being worn. 

•         Employees and volunteers will remain a 6 foot distance from the driver’s window.  Should the drivers be wearing a mask, employees and volunteers can approach closer at their individual discretion.

•         Safety cones will be placed to outline these parameters. 

•         Drivers will be asked to stay in their vehicles, turn off their engines and pop their trunks. 

•         An employee (or volunteer who learns how to screen for water-based products) will remove approved products from the vehicle and carry it to the sorting tables, set it on the ground or hand it to others. 

•         Oil-based/hazardous materials flyers will be placed under such products in the vehicle trunk.

•         When all products are removed, the employee or volunteer will close the trunk. 

•         For events that collect donations, GreenSheen will provide a volunteer with a 6 foot+ pole with a hook holding an empty paint can into which contributions may be deposited.  Donations should not be immediately handled by volunteers; methods for safe transfer of coins and bills will be implemented. 

•         CDC/EPA recommended disinfectant wipes or disinfectant spray with paper towels will be provided for wiping down surfaces such as the poles, donation cans, etc.  Recent CDC reports indicate that transmission of the virus via surface exposure is not as prevalent as once thought.

•         Employees and volunteers are encouraged to wash their hands as often as possible (as available) and not to touch their faces. 


If you can’t join us on either day feel we are happy to accept your unwanted paint donations before Saturday 22nd at Perry & Co. Headquarters at 101 S. Madison St., Denver, CO 80209

Happy Earth Day!

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