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Tim's Top Ten: Work From Home Guidelines

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Is being stuck at home making you feel out of your routine? Follow my Top Ten Tips below: 

1. Use a designated space at your residence for work. This can be a designated office or portion of a room that is dedicated only to work.

2. Keep a regular routine. Getting mentally prepared for work is important along with regular movement and exercise. 

3. Maintain your regular business hours. When working from home it is common to let your job take over the entire day. Start work at a traditional time and end with the business day. If you need, close the door to your office space at the end of the day.

4. Stay organized. If you have certain work materials at your office do your best to arrange your home office in a similar fashion. 

5. Stay connected. Make sure to have regular telephone or video chats with your cohorts. Keep in touch with those that are part of your business. 

6. Create value for your team. If you and your colleagues are separated by distance, reach out often to offer assistance or collaboration.

7. Plan activities for after hours. Depending on the circumstances on your remote work, plan fun things to do after hours. Watch your favorite show, your favorite yoga instructor, or visit your nearest park.

8. Celebrate friendships. Pick a friend to call or write a letter to each day. Staying in touch with personal contacts is an important part of mental health. You can always send a quick text to a loved one at any time.

9. Set goals, tasks, priorities, & actions. It is easy to let the lack of geographical change get you down. Make sure you are tracking your goals and sticking to a plan.

10. Enjoy the change. Take this time to enjoy being wrapped up in your similar surroundings and saving time away from traffic. Let the sunlight in or turn on your fireplace. Stock up on your favorite foods that you would not normally truck to the office. 

Your #MileHighReloDirector,

Tim Nowak