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Suggestions to Help Sell Your Property

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Selling your property is a team effort between you and your Realtor®. While they are preparing documents and organizing showings, here are a few things you can do to make your home presentable to potential buyers.

Your home should always be ready for a showing but so should you. The most important thing to do during a showing is to leave your home - even if you just step into the yard. If you’re inside, the potential buyer may feel like they are intruding and will hurry through the house 

Additionally, if you have pets, make sure they are out of the way. One type of buyer may become annoyed and another’s attention may be diverted away from your home’s best features.

First impressions are important and the key to the successful sale of your home. Below are enhancements you should make to your home before anyone sees your property. 

Exterior Enhancements

  • Scrub or paint your front door. The condition of your front door makes an important first impression when a real estate agent and prospective buyer visit.
  • Tidy up the grounds, porches and garage.
  • Keep the lawn trimmed and edged. Make sure that your yard is clear of refuse.
  • Keep your sprinklers watering at the normal volume to avoid dead grass. 
  • Keep the sidewalk clear in winter.
  • Dress windows in freshly laundered curtains and dust your blinds.
  • Keep all steps clear of tripping hazards. 

Interior Enhancements 

  • Declutter and stage rooms that need it (especially the kitchen) and do it NOW!
  • Make the bathrooms sparkle.
  • Fill all empty light bulb sockets and make sure all dead bulbs are replaced. Illumination is like a welcome sign. Potential buyers at an evening preview will feel a glowing warmth when the lights are on.
  • Wash dishes, put away clothes, straighten up or throw out newspapers, etc.
  • Make up your beds with attractive spreads.
  • Never apologize for the appearance of your home. Such comments only detract from a positive feeling about your property.
  • Have your children put away and organize their toys and other belongings.

Other Reminders

  • Never try to sell furniture to a customer before the transaction is completed.
  • If you hear the same comments repeated from different prospective buyers regarding any perceived concerns about the property, do something about the issue if you can. For example, if you hear that an area of your house needs painting, paint it.
  • If the concern is not something you can change or fix, such as a small yard or a one-car garage, the price of your property may need to be adjusted.

Brick Home with Red Door

You and your agent are a team but as long as you keep your home showing ready, you can leave the rest to them. Showings are the responsibility of the other real estate agent. It is his/her business to sell your home. That agent knows the buyer’s requirements and can best emphasize the features of your house. You will be called upon if needed.

It’s also important to remember not to discuss anything concerning the sale with the customer. Let the Realtor® discuss price, terms, possession and other factors with the customer. He/she is eminently qualified to bring negotiations to a favorable conclusion.

Keep this all in mind when selling your home and don’t hesitate to contact your agent with any other questions you may have. Click here to find the perfect Perry & Co. Realtor to help you sell your home.

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