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Corcoran Perry & Co. Sells 2020's Highest Priced Colorado Frontrange Single Family Home

7 Cantitoe Lane in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado

Corcoran Perry & Co. is proud to announce that less than three months after becoming a Corcoran affiliate, company agents Nicole Ridley & Kristi Lucas brought the buyers to 7 Cantitoe Lane in Cherry Hills Village. The property closed on December 30, 2020 with a final sales price of $9,450,000 which was the record high price for all Colorado frontrange single family home sales in 2020.

#GivingThanksGiving 2020: Inspiring Stories

Corcoran Perry & Co: Giving Thanksgiving

The Corcoran Perry & Co. Relocation Department has a 10 year annual tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving by sending out made-in-Colorado thank you gifts to our referral partners.  In 2020, the Corcoran Perry & Co. Relocation Department sent out $20 Visa gift cards to our referral partners and requested that the funds were either donated to a charity or gifted to someone in need.

What Renovations Add Value To My Home?

Modern Faucet

In order to increase your home’s value before selling, you may consider renovating. The right renovations can help you sell your home for a higher price, so you can put that money towards a new home. However, not all renovations will actually get you the payout you’re hoping for. Before you start tearing down walls, it is important to evaluate whether the renovations will provide you with an efficient return on investment. This means that the money spent on the renovation itself must not outweigh the perceived value added to the home. So, which renovations are actually going to get you your money’s worth? Let’s look at what renovations do and don’t add value to your home. 

5 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent

Working with a Realtor

If you are buying or selling your home, take a minute and think about your goals. Maybe you want to find a buyer quickly and sell at your target price, or maybe you want to find the perfect neighborhood where you and your family can settle down. Whatever the plan is, hiring a professional real estate agent will help you reach your goals quickly and with ease. Did you know that buying a home is likely to be the largest investment you will ever make? With so much at risk, don’t go into the real estate game without a knowledgeable agent to help you get the job done. Let’s break it down and look at the top five reasons to hire a real estate agent.